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The demonstration of strength has to be rooted in kindness
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You don't have to be a brute to show your strength. At Iron Savage, true strength comes from within.

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Iron Savage
This Is Who We Are

Lutfi started Iron Savage Apparel because he felt that there was a lack of t-shirts which truly embody the spirit of strength training. That's why he decided to create detailed graphical designs specifically tailored to the powerlifting & strongman community. Along the way, he has sponsored multiple powerlifting meets and has even signed a world class strongman athlete in Bobby Thompson, the current American Log Press Record Holder.

We want to be a powerful driving force in the strength community by actively engaging in the scene through sponsoring more powerlifting and strongman competitions.


Our goal is to carry out our vision of the Civilized Savage:

In order to civilize the mind, we must lust for knowledge and exercise the mind through adversity. The knowledge we pick up can then be applied to physical endeavors. Through consistent application and repetition, the task at hand becomes routine, and the outcomes, favorable. Retention and application of knowledge to building strong bodies is how a civilized mind is acquired. After all, the foundation of civilization itself is grounded upon the rejection of ignorance and the pursuit of wisdom.

On the contrary, a savage body can also precipitate a civilized mind. Knowledge is gained through meticulous observation of the laws of the world. Proper observation can only be achieved through a healthy hearing, sight and movement. Observation of phenomena must then be followed by critical thinking and reflection by the mind. Physical strength is therefore crucial in embracing knowledge.

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